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About the Job

We don't seek to hire people merely to fill vacant positions but instead put the spotlight on their skills and ensure their long-term career development. We want to help you in reaching where you wish to go. We prioritize your growth because when our people do well, as a firm, we excel too.

As a new member of our team, you will be part of a culture that will assist you in honing your skills as you undergo our training program. Our key goals revolve around our associates; we lend a helping hand in their learning, growth, and evolution - both professionally and personally. We provide our people with all possible assistance in pursuing excellence to upscale their careers.

Some of the Perks of Working with Us:

Learning Experience

When people learn, they grow. This is why 52 Concepts invests in the teams' all-around development. As a team member, you'll be involved in various training programs that captivate every aspect of our organizational model. This includes setting goals and devising strategies, representing client accounts, branding, leadership, executive training, and more. These programs are tailored for and offered to executives of the company.

Customized Training

Our elaborate training program is guaranteed to mold new associates into assets for our company. Each talented team member receives personalized attention, which goes a long way in boosting their confidence and making a drastic change in conversion rates. At 52 Concepts, we hire and promote driven and motivated people who can help achieve our marketing objectives. We are focused on giving a long-term future for the business as a whole and the people involved in it.

New Standards in Mentorship

At 52 Concepts, we follow a distinctive leadership model in which the leader serves and ensures the team feels more engaged and purpose-driven. Our well-trained and skilled associates continue to transform into future leaders. In addition to this, we are also committed to the steady development of leaders. With our training approach, our associates have the opportunity to evolve, develop new skills, take control of their careers, and contribute to the company's success.

    • Manager Trainee

    About the Job

    We have teamed up with some really big clients that are fueling our growth and expansion. We are seeking 3 team members for our manager trainee position. Our ideal candidate will enjoy leadership roles and cross-training to effectively communicate the needs or our team and the clients as well.​


    • Leadership experience preferred
    • Customer service or experience with people
    • Hard working
    • Excellent student willing to learn



    • Summer Intern / Part Time Student Positions

    About the Job

    The future depends on giving our bright graduates and soon-to-be graduates a chance at real experience. Everyone needs a start and we offer positions to give that real-life experience in the field of advertising and marketing. The position offers experience in a variety of areas to hone in on what the candidate really is driven and motivated to get into.


    • Available minimum 3 days a week
    • Excellent student
    • Great work ethic
    • Goal oriented



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